Hettie still Ruffle Snuffling at 15 ! Read her heartwarming story

Hettie is now 15 and three quarters! She doesn’t play with her fab and once favourite Nina Ottoson games as much - we think she struggles with the memory side of them now but your Ruffle Snuffle remains manageable.
After a recent illness we nearly lost her and she stopped eating dropping to nearly 3kg. We have no idea what turned the corner but what we do know is she had (in typical Georgette style) stopped trusting us not to put pills in her dinner so her first mouthfuls were not warm chicken and rice but biscuits in her ruffle snuggle as she knew we could “poison” that! 😂🙈
So while your Ruffle Snuffle looks fab still and provides entertainment for her, it also helped bring our baby back - we thought we should say thanks!! Here she is -  fingers crossed- fully recovered and regaining weight as we finally got her back on her normal food.

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