Eden Duck & Game Treats - for Cats and Dogs
Eden Duck & Game Treats - for Cats and Dogs
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Eden Duck & Game Treats - for Cats and Dogs

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Introducing Eden's Duck & Game Treats - a delightful and nutritious treat suitable for both cats and dogs of all ages. These treats offer a unique and easy-to-digest protein source that is rich in B vitamins, promoting the health and vitality of your pets while helping to strengthen their muscles.

Gently Air-Dried for Maximum Goodness
Eden's Duck & Game Treats are crafted through a natural air-drying process, preserving all the natural nutrients and flavors. Our bespoke drying system meticulously removes moisture from the raw ingredients, resulting in compact, succulent treats that are highly pliable. You can easily break them into smaller pieces to suit both large and small mouths.

A Protein-Rich Delight
With a remarkable 70% meat content, including novel game proteins like buffalo, bison, and wild boar, these treats offer a luxurious and exotic taste. But that's not all; they provide excellent nutritional value and are an excellent choice for pets with sensitive stomachs.

Holistic Pet Care with Eden's Health Pack
All Eden treats come with the Eden Health Pack, offering comprehensive care for your pets. The pack supports digestive health with added prebiotics and fiber, promoting a healthy gut. For dental health, we've included parsley, which freshens breath, along with minerals that help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. And for joint health, added glucosamine aids in maintaining strength, flexibility, and elasticity.

Feeding Guidelines
We recommend feeding your pets 3-4 pieces a day as part of a balanced diet. These treats are not just delicious; they're designed to keep your furry friends in their best shape.

Made in Britain with British Ingredients
Eden's Duck & Game Treats are proudly made in Britain, using the finest British ingredients to ensure top-notch quality and taste.

- Duck (44%)
- Mixed Game Meat (Including Buffalo, Bison, Wild Boar) (26%)
- Vegetable Glycerine
- Sweet Potato
- Eden Health Pack (Contains Cellulose, Dried Parsley, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Yeasts - a source of mannanoligosaccharides; prebiotic MOS, Chicory Inulin, Glucosamine) (5.6%)
- A blend of organic acids and minerals

Analytical Constituents
- Metabolisable Energy: 280 kcal/100g
- Crude Protein 20.8%
- Crude Oils & Fats 10.4%
- Crude Fibre 1.8%
- Crude Ash 3.7%
- Moisture 31.2%

Treat your pets to the exquisite taste and nutritional goodness of Eden's Duck & Game Treats. They'll love them, and you'll love how happy and healthy they are!

Eden Holistic Pet Foods have been created and developed with nutritionists and in accordance to FEDIAF standards to achieve the optimal ratio of meat and fish to fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and botanicals, thus creating a nutritionally balanced natural pet food whilst being totally tantalising.

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