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Personalised Fleece Dog Breed Blanket

Personalised Fleece Dog Breed Blanket - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

Let your pooch curl up on one of our super thick fleece blankets.

Embroidered in a choice of breeds and with your dog's name. It's beautifully soft and snuggly. Design colours can be altered to match your dogs colours*.


• 100cm x 72cm (Approx)

• Lovely choice of colours & breeds

• Machine washable at 40 degrees


Please check the breed number and the spelling of the name you enter as these products are custom made and non returnable if you make an error. 

If you can't see your breed let me know and I will create it!

* Please email a photo of your dog and we will try and match the colours to our threads on the designs where possible.




Breed List

1. Great Dane

2. Basset Hound

3. Greyhound

4. Boston Terrier

5. Scottie

6. Doberman Pincher

7. English Mastiff

8. English Springer Spaniel

9. Miniature Schnauzer

10. Pekingese

11. PitBull

12. Chow Chow

13. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

14. Shar Pei

15. Sheltie

16. St Bernard

17. Pomeranian

18. Bull Terrier

19. Beagle

20. Bichon Frise

21. Husky

22. Border Collie

23. Chihuahua

24. French Bulldog

25. German Shepherd

26. Labrador

27. Boxer

28. Maltese

29. Bulldog

30. Poodle

31. Pug

32. Corgi

33. Dachshund

34. Retriever

35. ShihTzu

36. Yorkshire Terrier

37. Cavapoo

38. Dalmatian




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