Tuggers Pop - Tug'n'Treat Dog Toy – Ruffle Snuffle
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Tuggers Pop - Tug'n'Treat

Tuggers Pop - Tug'n'Treat - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

The Tuggers Pop tug toys have a flexible ball with holes for pushing in treats. The ball is made from 100% natural rubber and the handle from our super strong and stretchy fleece. Machine washable!

  • Ball size 8cm diameter
  • Handle length from knot to knot approx 20cm
  • Overall length approx 38cm
  • Handle diameter approx 2.5cm
  • Assorted colours - allocated at random

Please note: These are tug toys, not chew toys, so please supervise play with your pet and remove if damaged or parts become loose.




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