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Spot On, Good Names for Dogs Book

Spot On, Good Names for Dogs Book - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

The perfect Stocking Filler for Christmas

If you are about to rescue a dog, get a puppy or know someone who is then this is a great gift. This brand new naming book just had to come into the shop.

With an an inspiring selection of fantastic names from Antic to Zuzu , Rough and Tumble to Topsy and Turvey . Broken up both alphabetically and into a variety of imaginative themes such as Dirty Dogs, Literary Legends, Drinking Friends and many more, there s a name for every pup however Flirty or Loopy they may be!

Running alongside these listings are fascinating sections about the five senses we share, all manner of doggy facts, quotes and poetry to remind us of the joy and privilege it is to share a life with a dog. If you are a Fussy pet owner, find the prospect of naming your new friend Monstrous, or just want a good Chuckle this book really is Top Dog.

The author, Gail, was bought up with a series of different breeds of dogs in a freezing house in Gloucestershire. One way and another they always seemed to come first, having their beds in front of the Aga! Once married Gail bought her first terrier, Floosie and has since owned Ditto, Rubble and now Sixty. She lives in Wiltshire with her husband; and has two grown-up sons.


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