Giant Snuffle Ball Kit – Ruffle Snuffle

Giant Snuffle Ball Kit

Giant Snuffle Ball Kit

Easy to make and hours of fun our Giant Snuffle Ball Kit is a great fun for you and your dog!

• 20cm diameter giant natural rubber ball with holes

• 84 fleece strips

Time to get knotting! Just double knot the fleece around the ball.

 Once finished hide a few treats inside and let your dog play. Great for catch, fetch and general fun.


Fleece is supplied in assorted colours. If you have a preference please let us know e.g brights, blues, pinks etc or you can have them to match your Ruffle Snuffle  - just tell us the name e.g. Magic, Scout, Bear, Duke, Duchess etc.

Please note, we recommend with all toys that you do not leave your dog unsupervised and if parts become loose or damaged remove immediately.


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