Mineral Sunblock for dogs - Nifty Pet – Ruffle Snuffle

Nifty Pet Dog Sunblock

Nifty Pet Dog Sunblock - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

The ultimate sunblock for dogs.  Discover how easy it is to protect your dog's unpigmented skin with this 100% natural sunblock powder.

It contains no greasy cream, no chemicals, no fragrance, just UVA and UVB protection in powder form.

The Nifty Pet Dog Sunblock is 100% mineral powder designed to be applied to the unpigmented skin on your dog  (including sensitve areas like eyes, nose and genitals) .

IIt is pharmaceutical grade powder and 100% safe for your dog. There is no zinc oxide which is what is found in usual sunscreens and potentially toxic to dogs.

Simple to apply with a damp sponge (included). Safe to lick, doesn’t rub off as it clings to the natural oils in the skin. It won’t irritate or inflame the skin so great for sensitive skinned pooches. 

Net weight 50g powder.

Sponge included - but colours at random and may vary from those shown. 



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