Ruffle Snuffle Poppet - Confetti - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

Ruffle Snuffle Poppet - Confetti

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We had a crazy day one Friday and decided to see what happens when you make a  Ruffle Snuffle® blindfolded. Alex and Ben took on the challenge and the Ruffle Snuffle® Poppet Confetti was born! 

No two will ever be the same as the fleece is mixed up in a bag, given a good shake and then knotted as it comes - completely random! Could be any combination of colours.

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Hand made from long strips of luxury fleece
  • More fleece which is densely packed allowing more treats to be hidden deeper to enhance the experience
  • Custom made ecofriendly rubber base
  • Medium ( Poppet) : Finished size approx 12" x 10"( mat base 10" x 8" )
  • Our best selling size suitable for all
We would recommend that you always supervise your pet with the Ruffle Snuffle® Poppet Confetti as you would with any toy.

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