Ruffle Snuffle Sampson - snuffle mat

Ruffle Snuffle Sampson

Ruffle Snuffle Sampson - Ruffle Snuffle

The Ruffle Snuffle® Sampson was designed and named in honour of a very special pet who has stolen the heart of his owner and is fondly known as the 'guinea pig with nine lives'. He is very poorly, but well cared for and making the most of every precious moment.

The Ruffle Snuffle® Sampson is a great way to teach your pet to sit and wait whilst you sprinkle on a small handful of food and then give them the command to 'ruffle snuffle' for it. If you would like step by step training instructions from our Positive Training Expert then click here.

  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Hand made from long strips of luxury fleece
  • More fleece which is densely packed allowing more treats to be hidden deeper to enhance the experience
  • Custom made ecofriendly rubber base
  • Large: Finished size approx14" x 14"  ( base 12" square)
    For larger and more active breeds
We would recommend that you always supervise your pet with the Ruffle Snuffle® Sampson as you would with any toy.




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