Meet Rachel Spencer of The Paw Post

I’m a freelance journalist and I write a lot about dogs, and I reached the point where I had so many stories I wanted to share that I decided to set up my own pet blog  - The Paw Post in May last year. 

How it all started

The inspiration behind me getting started would be Daisy, my dog, and my boyfriend Tom. I would always be telling him stories I’d heard and sometimes I wasn’t able to place them in a newspaper or magazine, and we both reached the conclusion that I should create a platform of my own.

I spent ages thinking of all kinds of ideas, but I found myself tying myself up in knots, then I was chatting to my friend Kelly on the phone one night about it and she came up with the idea The Paw Post. It’s about our lovely pets who have paws, and I post blogs and to my social media too, so it seemed perfect.


What do you offer?

I thought about what the average pet business owner needed and realised that many didn’t have the budget for PR or Marketing departments, and with my writing skills, journalism experience and newspaper and magazine contacts, I might be able to help. My blog is a hobby at the moment but I am at the stage where I’m collaborating with brands, so I hope it will be a business soon. 


“The best thing about my  business is hearing and sharing stories about amazing animals and how they enhance our lives.”


A day-in-the-life…

Wake up, walk Daisy, feed Daisy, check social media and post updates on the blog social media pages, read newspapers for ideas for my day job and the blog. Some days I will have a commission so I’ll be working and if not, I’m at home coming up with ideas. I walk Daisy at lunchtime and in the evening too, then settle down on the sofa for a cuddle with her.

I love talking about dogs and hearing amazing stories from people working in the pet world, and that I can work from home which means a I can have a dog myself. 

“Until Daisy came to stay in 2009, I was on the road a lot, but having her changed my life and I’m much happier as a result of spending time with her.”

The biggest challenge I face is having a regular income - most freelancers will find ‘feast or famine’ but I do have a steady income now. I’ve worked hard to build it and I’m very fortunate.

One of the highlights so far is when I did a post about Liz Haslam, who runs Beds for Bullies rescue and it helped raise £2000 for her at a time where she needed support, so that was just amazing. I was in tears every time I looked at the Justgiving Page.


About Rachel & Daisy

Daisy, is my 13-year-old terrier cross. She came to stay for a few weeks when her old owner, my friend Jane, had her first baby. She’s been here ever since as Jane said I could keep her and she is my world. I like to spend time with Daisy. She used to love walking for miles and miles but she can’t go as far now, so it’s more of a potter. We still take her everywhere though and make sure she can rest when she needs to. 


“I would love to run a dog friendly cafe with a little shop as well with lots of lovely things for dogs, or a dog friendly holiday home - there is a dog theme here isn’t there?!”


We’ve shared so many interesting experiences together and I want her to enjoy her old age and for this to continue.



Rachel's Blog was voted one of the Top Ten Blogs by Vuelio in 2017