Dolly discovers... Olive's Larder

Dolly was lucky enough to be sent some artisan treats and a biscuit baking set (which we haven’t had time to try out yet!) from independent family run business, Olive's Larder. Find out what we thought...

What do Olive’s Larder make?

Olive’s Larder supplies healthy, natural, unprocessed, hand baked luxury dog biscuits, dog accessories and natural eco toys. There company is based on solid ideological beliefs, run on ethical principles by ethical and caring people. Olive's Larder is entirely inspired by their little dog who just loves to eat! We were sent the Chicken & Thyme which was wheat and gluten free and came in a gorgeous ballotin box. There was also Duck & Sweet Potato treats in a very luxurious black pouch.


What’s in the treats?

On their website they claim “We don't use anything artificial in our dog treats just simply 100% natural goodness” and looking at the ingredients list we can see that indeed, there are only naturally occurring food substances included. They are sourced from independent ethical producers how are DEFRA regulated which means that products are regularly tested to ensure every treat is safe for your dog.


Are they yummy?

Well Dolly certainly thought so as you can see in the video I couldn’t open them fast enough as they came in vacuum packed pouches for the utmost freshness. They did really smell of the ingredients, unlike other mass produced dog treats which just smell of biscuits, if anything at all.



Well Dolly certainly enjoyed their moist texture and great taste so we bought some more so that she can have one every bedtime. The only downside is they did make her botty burps rather odorous - but then she is a Frenchie!   Ruffle Snuffle Recommends

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