10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This New Year's Eve 

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This New Year's Eve 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be one of the loudest, with fireworks and other noise makers all over. While we humans may love to celebrate the New Year, our cats may not feel the same way. Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep your furry friend safe during this festive season. 


1. Create a safe space for your cat. Whether that’s their favorite hiding spot in your home or simply tucking them away in a quiet corner, make sure they have a place to retreat when things get too loud or overwhelming for them. 


2. If you’re having a party at home, be sure to keep doors closed so that curious cats don't escape outside where they could become lost or injured. It might also be helpful to put up signs reminding guests not to let felines out of the house. 


3. Make sure your cat is wearing an identification tag with their name and contact information in case they do manage to escape while you’re celebrating. 


4. Keep your cat indoors on New Year’s Eve and throughout the night if possible; this is especially important if you live near areas where fireworks will be set off as cats can become extremely scared by the noise and run away in panic - never to return home again! 


5. Provide plenty of food and water for your kitty before festivities begin so that he won't have any reason to venture out looking for sustenance during commotion caused by celebrations around him/her. 


 6 . Provide some extra toys (especially interactive ones!) or even a new scratching post for them to keep them entertained throughout all the ruckus outside - cats love playing just as much as humans do!


7 . Get some calming pheromones like Feliway spray which can help reduce stress levels in cats who are struggling with all the noises from outside (and inside). 


8 . Make sure there isn't anything hazardous, such as decorations, candles, open fireplaces, etc., which could cause injury or harm if interacted with by curious cats! 


9 . Put on some soothing music or TV shows that can help cover up any loud noises coming from outside- this will help distract kitties away from potential danger while still keeping them entertained! 


10 . Most importantly, stay calm yourself - cats take their cues from us and will pick up on our emotions if we’re feeling anxious or scared; this could exacerbate their own fear response even further so try not to show too much stress yourself when dealing with celebrations going on around you both inside & out of your home! 



Keeping your cat safe during New Year's Eve is easy enough when you plan ahead and take precautionary measures as these tips suggest! With enough preparation, you can turn what would otherwise be an incredibly stressful evening into one full of fun & joy for both you & your feline friend alike- Happy New Year everyone!!