10 tips to keep your dog cool this Summer

10 tips to keep your dog cool


With the arrival of summer and long, hot days – it’s critical to keep your dog cool during this time. With this in mind, we’ve compiled our ten most important tips to help your dog stay safe.

1. Don't exercise your dog during a heatwave

2. Water, water everywhere

3. Aim a fan directly at your dog

4. Don't travel with your dog in the car

5. Keep your dog in the shade

6. Change your dog-walking schedule

7. Protect your dog's paws

8. Get a cooling coat

9. Visit the groomers

10. Make doggie ice lollies

Dogs are not only wearing permanent fur coats, but they also can’t sweat to lose heat like we can. They can only lose heat by panting and through their paw pads – that’s a very small surface area and not an effective cooling system. As the RSPCA says, dogs not only die in hot cars, they die on hot walks. Don’t risk it.

Please remember, always call your vet if you have any concerns your pet might be overheating.


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