5 games to play with your dog this summer


Finally the long-awaited sunshine is beginning to appear bringing lots of lush green grass to roll around in and the odd rain showers that make plenty of mud for pooches to wallow in.

Grab the lead and a pocket of treats and try out these fun spring activities with your dog to celebrate the warmer weather.

1. Find an open area with plenty of space for your dog to run free! I bet they can’t wait to stretch their legs, let their tongues dangle and feel their ears flap freely in the wind. There are more and more dog parks now so see if there is one near you. Share your images for #tongueouttuesday.

2. Practice fetching and catching! Grab a backpack of frisbees, tennis balls, squeaky toys, stuffed animals. Find a hill and catch an awesome shot of your flying super-dog.

3. Grab your deck chairs, hula hoops, old amazon packing boxes, old bed sheets and create a safe but fun obstacle course to run through with your pooch in the garden.

4. If you haven’t already started this year’s spring cleaning, take those old shirts out from the bottom of your wardrobe and tie them together for a giant tug-toy! Go out and have an epic game of tug-of-war.

5. Need to wash off your dog after all these exciting adventures? Then why not have a water-fight! Dust off that hose, put it on a low setting and go crazy! Most dogs will love chasing water. Be careful not to spray too hard or hurt sensitive areas such as the face and bottom when playing this game!