Brilliant names for a dog : Naming your puppy

Whether it is a boy or girl, big or small, some good names for a dog and interesting ways to come up with the perfect one for your pet.

Dog names are not always easy to come up with. They are usually unique to the animal, or it is a name that has special meaning to the owner. But if you still cannot come up with something that suits your dog, consider these ideas.


Big Dogs Names

When choosing a name for a large dog, such as a German Shepherd, Swiss Mountain Dog, or Rottweiler, consider names or words that sound big and tough. Look up these words along with the words, strong and large, in a Thesaurus and see what works. Good big dog names include Brick, Bull, Rock, or Tank.


Cute Names for a Dog

Little dogs such as a Maltipoo or a Chihuahua suit a cutesier name. To come up with a name, try and think of things that are small, girlish, or sweet. Words like Cookie, Honey, Sparkle, Sugar, Truffle, or Twinkle can all be ideal names for a small dog.


Cool Dog Names

Sometimes a dog needs a name that is just cool. Think of words that are fun to say or are related to something that is considered wild or dangerous. Some awesome dog names include Buck, Cobra, Cowboy, Crush, Flint, Vegas, Viper, or Whiskey. Check out this blog post for more cool names for your dog.

Boy Dog Names

A lot of people wish to use a regular male name for their dog. If doing this, it helps if it is a short, one-syllable name. The top three of the 100 most popular dog boy names last year were the male names Max, Buddy, and Jake. Try any boys’ baby name list for ideas and keep to names that are just one syllable, so they are easy to say. One syllable dog names include Dax, Gus, Ike, Jax, or Sam. Or check out this list of boy dog names.


Names for Female Dogs

The same rule applies if using a popular girl's name for a dog - keep it short because it makes it easier to call for the dog. The 100 most popular dog girl names last year for dogs were also regular girls’ names, the top three being Molly, Bella, and Lucy. In fact, the majority of female dog names in the top 100 list were regular girl names. Some names that didn’t make a list (making them more uncommon), but would be great to consider include Lily, Mimi, Ruby, Sadie, Tara, or Zoey. Here's a list of popular dog names for girls.


Fast and Wild Names

If it is a dog that is fast, wild, or a little crazy, it needs a name that reflects these qualities. Think of a vehicle that goes fast, a motion, or an adjective, words like Blast, Bullet, Dash, or Jet.


Sporty Dogs

If a fan of a particular sport, sports team, or athlete, try names related to the sport, such as Ace, Jersey, Rebound, or Punter, or consider the last name of a favorite player such as Barkley, Jeter, or Maddux.


Popular Movie Character Names

Think of a favourite movie, book, or TV show and if there is a character whose name would really suit a dog. Like Jedi or Vader, if a Star Wars fan or Neo if a fan of the movie, the Matrix.

From getting inspiration from movies to using a cute name, picking dog names are difficult because it will last its lifetime, so you have to make sure you really love it. Here's our mega 1300 A-Z list of girl and boy dog names to choose from!