Celebrate International Dog Day with the Ultimate Walkies of the UK!

When it comes to our dogs, we always want the best for them. Whether it's with gourmet dog treats or an adventurous walk, dog owners and professional dog walkers love to spoil our four-legged friends.

So, with International Dog Day upon us, what better way to celebrate than a venturesome walk? However, as a professional dog walker, it’s likely you and the dogs under your care will venture into many of the same areas together. The same scenery can become boring, and switching up your routes can keep your walks interesting! But before exploring, it’s important that you know it’s a safe area for dogs. You’ll also want to know that it has enough bins so that you aren’t struggling for hands to carry several doggy bags and leads at once. Research from Cliverton Insurance has revealed the ultimate walkies map of the UK so you can find the perfect walkies locations.

We made the map by gathering information on different parks from Ordnance Survey’s 100 biggest parks in Britain. We organised them by which county they are in, how big each park is, and created a ‘dog-friendly’ score based on Tripadvisor reviews.

The map reviews each pooch-positive park with scores that factor dog-friendliness, safety, and popularity. It also shows peak times to visit and information on how many dogs you can walk at once – if the information was available from the council.

Check out the map here.