Dog Fouling: European Cities Tackling the Pandemic Poo Problem

We’ve revealed the top cities tackling dog fouling across Europe… 

Picking up after your dog isn't exactly the most enjoyable chore. Let's face it — it's gross! It can be tempting to skip this task, but doing so is not only bad for the environment and public health — in many places, it's also illegal. 

The research team at have done some digging to reveal which cities across Europe are doing the most to tackle dog fouling and Naples made a surprise appearance on top! 


Naples placed top for Europe, scoring 56 out of 80 – You’ll find an estimated 112,623 dogs in the city - one of the lowest out of all the locations we looked at, and 36 parks. 

One of the biggest contributing factors, however, was the hefty €500 fine you could receive for leaving your dog's poop behind on the streets. 

Following in second place is Montpellier, scoring 55 out of the possible 80. In 2007, the city located in Southern France made dog fouling in the city illegal, placing fines up to €450. 

See how the other cities stacked up below! 

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The top EU cities tackling dog fouling: 

  1. Naples - score 56 / 80 
  2. Montpellier - 55
  3. Barcelona - 53
  4. Paris - 53
  5. Brussels - 52
  6. Frankfurt - 53
  7. Krakow - 50
  8. Madrid - 49
  9. Berlin - 43
  10. Vienna - 42

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