Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Creating an outdoor space for your furry friends is the perfect way to let them release their hyper energy and play around. Also, it’s a great area for them to rest their paws after a ruff day. 

Adding some dogscaping to your outdoor space doesn’t have to be hard to do or expensive with these budget-friendly and simple yard ideas for dogs. With these budget-friendly modifications, you can be sure that your pet has all the amenities they need and enjoy.

Additionally, these ideas can also work for yard spaces that are on the smaller side. Try to also go green for your pet and include eco-conscious materials in your design or recycle items from around the house.

Check out the ideas and infographic below for some inspiration! Incorporating these additions into your backyard space will surely create an outdoor area that you and your dogs can enjoy this summer. 

  • Set up fencing: Consider setting up a blocked-off area in your yard that your dog can enjoy to themselves. Some great fencing materials that aren’t too expensive include chain link, vinyl, and wood — be sure your fence is tall enough that they can’t jump over it! 
  • Build a digging area: To encourage your dog to dig somewhere other than your new flower beds, consider creating a designated area for them to dig, like a mini sandbox or dirt area outlined with bricks.
  • Create paths: Wandering paths, whether it be cobblestone walkways or turf can be a great way to encourage your pet to explore, plus it looks great in any yard.
  • Make sure there’s shade: Shade is essential for a pet during the hot summer months. Consider setting up an umbrella or hanging up an overhead tarp. 
  • Build a dog house: Build a dog house in your backyard for them to enjoy — plus this is a fun project you can do with the family!
  • Plant flowers: Plant some flowers in your yard to not only add a fresh touch but for your pet to enjoy. Some plant species reduce flea problems, like mint, rosemary, and lavender.  
  • DIY outdoor dog bed: A comfy bed is sometimes all they need to enjoy an outdoor space more. Instead of buying one, consider making one from materials from around the house, like old pillows and blankets. 
  • Construct a peephole:  Add a cutout into your fence so your dog can look out into the world.
  • Add a water feature: Help your dog cool off during hot months with a fun water feature, like a small dog pool or a water fountain.  
  • DIY doggy playground: Create a doggy playground and obstacle course using different materials from your house — anything that they can jump over or climb through. 
  • Create a drinking area: Add a doggy water fountain in your yard so they can stay hydrated. 
  • Add marking spots: Instead of them marking their territory on your favorite outdoor furniture, consider adding a fake fire hydrant for them to use instead. 

  • Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas