Eight ways to lower the cost of owning a dog


Having a furry friend for a companion can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but owning a dog is expensive. They need high-quality food, toys to keep them entertained, comfortable sleeping arrangements, accessories, grooming appointments and regular checkups at the vet.


  1. Buy pet insurance 

Making sure your pet has an insurance plan will help reduce the costs of healthcare in the future, including accidents, illnesses and other conditions. It gives you peace of mind that, whatever trouble your dog gets itself into, the insurance will help cover the cost. 

  1. Keep up to date on jabs 

It’s important to keep up to date with your pup's injections, vaccines and regular checkups at the vet. While your dog is healthy they might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but keeping up to date with these things helps to prevent any expensive medical bills in the long term. 

  1. At-home grooming 

Brushing, washing and ear cleaning can all be done at home. Get the right tools and follow a step by step online tutorial and you can save money and help cut down on the frequency of trips to the groomer. 

  1. Make your own treats 

Treats can be expensive, especially when training a new puppy or attempting to teach an old dog a new trick. You can cut down on the costs by making yummy treats at home and this way you know they are packed full of nutritious ingredients.

  1. Create your own fun 

If your furry friend loves destroying all their new toys within a matter of days, then keeping them entertained can be extremely expensive. Using items, such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and old fabric, lying around the home, you can whip up your own homemade toys that will keep your dog busy for hours.

  1. Shop around for deals 

Just like home, car or life insurance, it's important that when searching for the right pet insurance you search around to find the best and most affordable deals. Make sure you understand what expenses the pet insurance policy covers before you purchase. 

  1. Keep on top of dental care

Your dog’s oral health is very important and can be a costly procedure if left without care and treatment early on. Speak to your vet about how often you should be brushing your pet’s teeth and what products are suitable for them. Taking care of their teeth will help prevent any expensive trips to the vets in the future. 

  1. Buying the essentials 

Think about what you really need to keep your dog happy and healthy. You’ll need the basics like food, bowl, collar, lead and medical requirements, but do you really need to spend a fortune on designer dog wear and overly priced toys. Your pet is not materialistic, if you can find a cheaper alternative in a discounter store, then save your pennies. 

The 10 cities spending the most on their dogs: 

  1. London - £143,571,064 per month 
  2. Birmingham - £56,908,109
  3. Leeds - £31,059,323
  4. Manchester - £26,570,355
  5. Glasgow - £25,056,918
  6. Liverpool - £23,935,899 
  7. Belfast - £23,771,615 
  8. Sheffield - £22,902,843 
  9. Bristol - £20,731,037 
  10. Edinburgh - £19,980,767 


source: tails.com