Popular & Funny Dog Themed Private Number Plates!

Why not show everyone just how much your dog means to you through dog themed private number plates? It’s the perfect way to show off your love for your furry friend while on the move!


We all know the world loves its pets, especially dogs! There are over 10.2 million pet dogs in the UK, with pet cats at over 11.1 million. This means that 27% of UK Adults own at least one dog.


Dogs aren't just pets afterall, they are also part of the family, and just as people buy license plates in honour of their loved ones, hobbies or favourite film, people do buy registrations with their dogs in mind too. Others may buy dog themed license plates for their business, such as; groomers, dog walkers, breeders, etc.


Just like with dogs in general, dog-themed number plates come with a wide variety. You might just want 'DOG' on your vehicle, such as ‘K9 DOG’ which sold for £1300 in 1993, with the current most expensive dog number plate - ‘5 DOG’ priced at £42,505.

Perhaps you may want something with your dog's name on it to make it more personal? According to numerous UK 2022 sources, one of the most popular dog names in the UK today is 'Teddy', with TED 33Y available at £10,790.


The most popular dog breeds today have shifted from purebreds to mixed breeds. These dogs offer a wide range of looks and personalities, as well as fewer health issues overall. Top breeds include Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, Border Collies, Cockapoos, and Labradors. You could specify the actual dog breed itself, such as BU11 DOG which cost the proud owner £12,600 in 2012. Or BAS 553T which is currently available for £7,496.


Below we have the 10 most funny dog private license plates that ACTUALLY exist put together by the team at Regtransfers. Dogs have proven time and time again with their fluffy, adorable faces, to make people go ‘Awww’ and ‘OMG!’. These 10 hilarious dog number plates won’t just have you laughing, but overloaded with cuteness too!


#1: Dog Boss

Dammit Gary, you had one job!

#2: Puppers, ASSEMBLE!

Attack the hooman for lack of pets today!!

#3: *Blep*

The plate speaks for itself…

#4: Boop the Snoot

“Not this again, plus your finger smells…”


#5: Embrace the Chonk!

The chonk must always be embraced, EMBRACE IT!

#6: More Tennis Balls, Hooman! MOOREE…

Never enough tennis balls.

#7: Bork!

Much bork from such a small doggo

#8: What a Messy Pup!

“The spider has been taken care of now”


#9: Big Floofer

Too tired… please carry

#10: Loaf of Doge?

What a pure bread dog looks like…