RSPCA Victoria Joined by Tom Mitchell as it launches Virtual School Holiday Education Sessions

With school holidays kicking off today, RSPCA Victoria has enlisted AFL legend Tom Mitchell to help spread the word on DIY dog grooming as part of a series of fun, informative and interactive virtual education sessions for the whole family to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.  
Commencing on 21st September, the program of virtual sessions covers everything from caring for small animals and injured wildlife to more in-depth training courses covering topics, such as cat and dog behavior and pet first aid skills, delivered by industry experts.  
A highlight will be a special DIY dog grooming tutorial with RSPCA Victoria Ambassador, AFL Brownlow medalist, and recently announced as Hawthorn’s Best and Fairest player, Tom Mitchell. Along with his two dogs, Tom will be joined by grooming expert Natalie West from igroom hub, who will provide dog owners with basic grooming tips that can easily be done at home.  

RSPCA Victoria understands how important it is for dog owners to keep their dogs clean and mat-free during lockdown and believe this course will be perfect for teaching dog owners the basic skills they need to keep their dogs’ coats in good shape if they are unable to undertake their regular grooming regimen.  
RSPCA Victoria’s CEO Dr Liz Walker states, “Grooming is not just for aesthetic reasons but is also important for welfare. Grooming prevents and eliminates painful mats and can help deal with ticks, fleas and shedding so having the opportunity to attend this course will give people the basic skills they need to easily maintain their dog’s coat health from home.”  
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The following sessions will be offered:  
Pocket Pet Care and Enrichment - Date: 21st September - Cost: FREE RSPCA experts run a live, interactive session that provides education on keeping your rabbits and guinea pigs happy, healthy and thriving, including vital information on small animals’ specific requirements for nutrition, shelter, exercise and health, common vet care concerns and enrichment.  Book here: 

What to do with Wildlife - Date: 22nd September - Cost: FREE Join RSPCA Victoria as we partner with some wildlife experts at Wildlife Victoria in an informative session about Australia’s beautiful wildlife, including how to care for any injured wildlife they may find.  Book here: 
Dog Grooming for Beginners - Date: 23rd September - Cost: $26 Learn all about how to keep your pooch well-groomed during lockdown! This course teaches dog owners the valuable basic skills they need to know to keep their dog clean, neat and matt free until they can get an appointment at the groomer! We’ll be joined by special guest and Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell, as groomer Natalie West gives Tom tips on how to groom his dogs at home.  Book here: 
Cat Behaviour Basics - Date: 27th September - Cost: $26 Become a cat behaviour expert with this is a special Q&A session with our resident Animal Behaviour Consultant Jade Currie, which gives you the opportunity to address your cat’s unique behavioural concerns, to get the best out of them and keep them happy and healthy.  Book here: 
Pet First Aid - Date: 28th September - Cost: $26 This is one of our most popular courses suitable for teenagers, where they’ll learn vital skills from our experts about caring for a pet in an emergency situation, including how to respond and maintain safety whilst assisting an injured pet, common pet emergencies in warmer months, bandaging wounds, performing lifesaving treatments and other vital skills.   Book here: 
Dog Behaviour Basics - Date: 29th September - Cost: $26 Perfect for budding dog whisperers, this course provides vital information on understanding a dog’s behaviour and features a Q&A session with dog behaviour expert, Jade Currie.  Book here: 
Get Clucking - Date: 30th September - Cost: $39 With chickens becoming an increasingly popular pet, this course provides participants with education on how to properly care for them, including nutrition, housing, enrichment, safe handling as well as information on egg production and providing an enriched living environment for chickens Book here: 
Keeping Cats Thriving Inside - Date: 1 October - Cost: FREE  Participants will learn all about the dangers lurking outdoors that a cat can face as well as strategies to keep your beloved feline friends happy and healthy indoors. Find out how to transition your outdoor cat to an indoor life in the most seamless way possible and keep them entertained and mentally stimulated.  Book here: