Ruffle Snuffle® Ranked in Top 10 Influential Pet Bloggers of the UK by Vuelio

A blog set up to help pet parents use enrichment for a happy and fulfilling life with their pets has been ranked in the Top 10 Pet Blogs by global software firm Vuelio.

Ruffle Snuffle’s Life With Pets blog, created by Animal Behaviour and Enrichment Expert Sarah-Jane White, is a new entry into the rankings this year.



Vuelio's ranking methodology takes into consideration a vast number of factors including social sharing, topic-related content, post frequency, engagement, social media influence and traffic.  The rankings are designed to help PRs looking to work with the UK’s best bloggers.

"I am so honoured to be recognised for my work." said Sarah-Jane," I’ve been working incredibly hard this last year to write and share valuable content with my readers. I know that there has been a huge rise in new pet parents during lockdown with over 59%* of the UK population now owning a pet.”

She continued,” There’s so much confusing information on the internet that I want to make sure that these new owners have access to accurate answers from an experienced animal keeper. Information that is written in a way that is easy to understand and simple ideas to implement. This ranking puts me alongside some of the biggest influencers in our industry which I'm very proud of."

The Life with Pets Blog focuses on life with pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises as well as horses, tropical fish and even chickens.  All of which Sarah-Jane owns, so she writes from hands-on experience.

Sarah-Jane added: “My goal is to help pet parents use enrichment for a happy and fulfilling life together. I do this by offering advice, games and DIY enrichment ideas that support the instinctual behaviours of their pets in safe, fun, and enriching ways every day.”


“I am excited to be able to continue to provide quality content on a weekly basis that will help improve pets’ lives across the world!”

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* data supplied by Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data