Switch To Sustainable Dog Food This Sustainable Gastronomy Day, Urges Next Generation Dog Food Brand

This Sustainable Gastronomy Day (Friday 18th), a revolutionary alternative dog food brand Percuro is urging pet owners to consider the massive effect feeding their pets is having on the environment.


Pet dogs and cats are responsible for consuming 20% of all meat and fish worldwide(1). The meat and livestock industry alone contributes 14.5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions(2), and it’s vital we rethink what our pets are eating: and soon.


Sustainable Gastronomy Day is a UN initiative that aims to encourage people to change the way they shop, cook, and eat to make their food consumption more sustainable and less wasteful. The UN is also urging people to consider alternative diets to meat and dairy, such as vegan diets. However, while people might be aware of their own gastronomic impact, they might not know the impact their pets are having.


Percuro is a sustainable dog food alternative that uses zero traditional livestock products. In place of chicken, beef, and lamb, clean insect protein from the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is used instead. Insect protein is a fantastic alternative to traditional meat, as it requires just a fraction of land and water resources, and generates just 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions.


Clean insect protein is two to five times more sustainable than traditional meat(3), and one of the best ways for eco-conscious owners to minimise the impact of their hungry pets. By combining innovative clean insect protein with a plant-based recipe, Percuro has created a truly sustainable dog food alternative that contains everything dogs need to thrive.


“We know food made from insects might be a paradigm shift,” said Iwan Tamm, from Percuro. “But insects are a fantastic source of high quality protein. By using the BSF larvae in place of traditional protein, we’ve been able to create a food that is sustainable, nutritious, and delicious.”


‘Entoveganism’ - using insects in place of traditional proteins - is a growing trend worldwide, and insects have been consumed by humans worldwide for millennia.

“Insects are consumed by humans in many places across the world. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but dogs love it just as much as traditional meat-based foods. The larvae are hypoallergenic, naturally free from common nasties which might be present in traditional livestock, and we don’t use any antibiotics or artificial preservatives,” Iwan continued.


“The best thing we could do to minimise the impact of our pets on the environment is to switch them to an insect and plant-based diet, and for pet owners with a vegan lifestyle this may be just the next best thing.”


Percuro is built on a total sustainability ethos. Beyond the use of clean insect protein, over 95% of all other ingredients - from vegetables to oats - are sourced in Europe and fully traceable. Even the packaging is totally recyclable. Percuro is built on sustainability.


This sustainability ethos is combined with real concern for the health and happiness of dogs. The Percuro recipe has been created by animal nutritionists and contains prebiotics and omega 3 essential fatty acids from algae oil to support a health skin and shiny coat.


Iwan said: “Our aim with Percuro is to offer owners an alternative that’s better for their dog, and for nature. We really hope that this Sustainable Gastronomy Day, owners take a moment to think about the potential impact of their hungry pups, and what they can do to minimise it.”


For more information about Percuro, or our sustainability commitment, please contact Percuro on 0333 772 9738 or email at info@percuro.earth


[1] About Percuro

Developed alongside food scientists, approved by vets, and formulated to meet FEDIAF guidelines, Percuro is a complete and balanced pet food packed with premium natural ingredients. Optimal nutrition with a low carbon pawprint. Visit Home | Next-Gen Insect Protein Dog Food Alternative | Percuro for more.


[2] Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Sustainable Gastronomy Day is a UN initiative which strives to encourage people to make their food consumption more sustainable. The UN General Assembly first adopted this observance on 21 December 2016 with resolution A/RES/71/246 and designated 18 June as Sustainable Gastronomy Day. For more information visit: Sustainable Gastronomy Day | United Nations



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