The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here!

Make the most of the summer days and head out for an adventure with your dog. Here are some fun ideas for getting out and about when it’s warm - and staying home when it’s too hot for walkies!

This is the most glorious time of year to enjoy the great outdoors with your four-legged best friends. Here are some ideas for fulfilling your dog’s daily walkies, while giving you some outdoor exercise, and adding plenty of wonderful experiences to both your lives.

  • EVENTS. With many pet events taking place countrywide, you can take the whole family for a fun day out. Interacting with people, other dogs and ‘have-a-go’ events is a great way to get your dog out and about, exercising legs and brains.
  • APPS. Having a dog presents the ideal opportunity to discover new places. There are plenty of free apps to help you find the best local walking routes, so why not explore the hidden treasures on your doorstep?
  • BEACH. A day at the beach will give your pooch plenty of space to run and have fun. There are lots of dog-friendly sections of beaches – just check before you travel.
  • EXERCISE. On cooler days, build a walk around your exercise routine and take your adult dog out for a very short run or slow bike ride with you. Your well-behaved dog will need to love running in the first place and make sure the air and surface temperature is ok for your furry friend beforehand.
  • DOG PARKS. Dedicated dog parks are more popular than you think. Search online and find some in your local area. Visiting these provides a great way for you both to make friends.
  • CAMPING. Enjoy a holiday with your dog. Most campsites allow dogs; however, you may need to keep them on a long lead when on site.


And for when it’s too hot to head out:

  • DOG PADDLING POOL. Buy a pool and help keep your dog cool. Ensure you supervise your dog at all times - making sure your dog’s nails are trimmed will help avoid any damage to the pool!
  • COOLING MATS. This great invention can provide a lovely cool place for your dog to lie and take a break from the heat - especially when placed in a shady area!
  • GAMES. Have fun with your pe and set your pet a challenge by making a fun game at home, using everyday (safe) household items that could be hidden, unopened, make an interesting noise or could hold treats.
  • TRICKS. Teach your dog a new trick. It’s a great way to train them and keep them mentally stimulated and a perfect bonding experience – there are lots of trick tips online to inspire you

For days out or at home, remember to give your dog constant access to fresh, clean water. Keep healthy dog treats handy to reward good behaviour and prevent your dog from feeling too hungry, especially if they’ve had more exercise than usual. A great option is Tasty Liver Treat by Arden Grange, a tube of delicious paste loved by dogs. It is easy to administer so you can keep track of how much you’ve given. Alternatively, Arden Grange’s delicious Crunchy Bite dog treats provide a healthy and nutritious snack.



About Arden Grange:

Arden Grange is a Sussex based business situated just outside Brighton, which has been producing super premium pet foods since 1996.  The Arden Grange product range includes nutritionally complete dry dog and cat food, canned food and treats for dogs. Each recipe is hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, beef, soya, dairy products, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.