Personalised Fleece Cat Breed Blanket – Ruffle Snuffle
Fleece Blankets

Personalised Fleece Cat Breed Blanket

Personalised Fleece Cat Breed Blanket - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

Your kitty will love to curl up on one of our super thick fleece blankets this autumn.

Embroidered in a choice of breeds and with your cat's name. It's beautifully soft and snuggly. 


• 100cm x 72cm (Approx)

• Lovely choice of colours & breeds

• Machine washable at 40 degrees


Please check the breed number and the spelling of the name you enter as these products are custom made and non returnable if you make an error.  






Breed List

1. Abyssinian

2. American Curl

3. Balinese

4. British Shorthair



7. Calico

8. Cornish Rex

9. Exotic Shorthair

10. Manx

11. Norwegian Forest

12. Persian

13. Ragdoll

14. Russian Blue

15. Savannah

16. Scottish Fold

17. SIamese

18. Singapura




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