RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat • 6 Panels

RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat • 6 Panels - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

We know how satisfying it is for your dog to use their sense of smell to hunt out treats. And with a RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat they can have lots more fun.

  • Each panel is approx 50cm square so suitable for small or large dogs
  • Machine washable
  • Different colour ways available
  • 6 Panel mat approx 1.4m x 1m
  • Lots of colour themes and I have many patterned fabrics to make the mat fun and enticing. 


1. Snuffle Mat: Ruffle in a few treats into this popular activity.

2. Hidden Treat Rolls  ( can be made more challenging by putting the fleece rolls into cardboard tubes ; like loo rolls)

3. Sweet Twist Fun : Why not hide a chew or bone under this one

4. Woven Challenge : Tuck treats under the crossovers or weave in a dental chew

5. Flappy Circles: Fold them up many ways to hide small treats inside,

6. Forager Pocket Circles: Put treats in some, and not in others to make it more of a hunt.

 Nosework activity scentwork mats


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