RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat • 6 Panels – Ruffle Snuffle

RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat • 6 Panels

RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat • 6 Panels - snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

We know how satisfying it is for your dog to use their sense of smell to hunt out treats. And with a RebelPaws Nosework Activity Mat they can have lots more fun.

  • Each panel is approx 50cm square so suitable for small or large dogs
  • Machine washable
  • Different colour ways available
  • 6 Panel mat approx 1.4m x 1m
  • Comes with fleece storage bag
  • Lots of colour themes and I have many patterned fabrics to make the mat fun and enticing. 


1. Snuffle Mat: Ruffle in a few treats into this popular activity.

2. Hidden Treat Rolls  ( can be made more challenging by putting the fleece rolls into cardboard tubes ; like loo rolls)

3. Sweet Twist Fun : Why not hide a chew or bone under this one

4. Woven Challenge : Tuck treats under the crossovers or weave in a dental chew

5. Flappy Circles: Fold them up many ways to hide small treats inside,

6. Forager Pocket Circles: Put treats in some, and not in others to make it more of a hunt.

 Nosework activity scentwork mats

Please note that our patterned fabrics change and each mat is unique so you will cat one that is similar but not identical to the examples shown on this page.


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