Bamboozle Ball

Bamboozle Ball

Our Bamboozle Ball™ is a great mental enrichment puzzle game for your dog. Pop a treat into a strip of fleece, roll it up and push into the holes on the rubber ball. Sit back and watch your dog enjoy pulling the fleece out and finding the treats.

We suggest that initially you use only one or two strips and let your dog watch you roll up the treat so they know what you are doing. It won't take them long to suss it out.

You don't have to put treats in every strip. Think of it like a slot machine, you play, get a payout, then nothing, but keep playing waiting for the next payout. This is known as a variable schedule of reinforcement and will keep your dog more interested in the game.

  • Antipill fleece strips (machine washable)
  • 100% natural rubber 5" ball
  • Assorted colours - if you have a preferred colour of ball let us know on the notes at the checkout and we'll see what we can do.



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