Eden Lamb & Parsley Triangle Training Treats

Eden Lamb & Parsley Triangle Training Treats

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Discover Eden's Lamb & Parsley Training Treats – the ultimate reward for good behavior! With an impressive 75% meat content, complemented by vegetables and botanicals, these treats are utterly irresistible to your dog.

Eden's Lamb & Parsley Training Treats are a powerhouse of goodness for dogs. Lamb plays a crucial role in building, healing, and maintaining body tissues while also boosting their immune systems. On the other hand, parsley brings anti-inflammatory properties to the table, leaving your furry friend's breath fresh and delightful. The small triangle shape makes them perfect for training and hiding in a Ruffle Snuffle or a Challenger Cube.

The secret to their deliciousness lies in the gentle air-drying process, which preserves all the natural nutrients and flavors. Their bespoke drying system carefully removes moisture from the raw ingredients, resulting in a soft and succulent treat that is incredibly pliable. This means you can easily break them into smaller pieces, optimising every training session for maximum success.

Eden's Tasty Triangle Training Treats offer a mouthwatering incentive for your furry friend to master essential commands effortlessly. They'll be so eager to please you for a taste of these delightful rewards!

These treats are suitable for dogs from 8 weeks and serve as complementary pet treats. Remember to be treat-wise and feed 4-5 pieces as part of a balanced diet. Your dog's good behavior deserves nothing less than the best, and Eden's Lamb & Parsley Training Treats are here to make every training moment a tasty triumph!

  • 80g of tasty triangle treats
  • Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks


Lamb 75%, vegetable glycerol, sweet potato, potato, parsley 2%

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 20.5%
Crude Fat 19.4%
Crude Fibre 2%
Crude Ash 3.6%
Moisture 19%

Eden Holistic Pet Foods have been created and developed with nutritionists and in accordance to FEDIAF standards to achieve the optimal ratio of meat and fish to fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and botanicals, thus creating a nutritionally balanced natural pet food whilst being totally tantalising.

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