Eden Venison, Aniseed & Blackberry Sausages

Eden Venison, Aniseed & Blackberry Sausages

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Introducing Edens Succulent Venison, Aniseed & Blackberry Sausages – the ultimate treat crafted with love for dogs. These sausages soft and squidgy texture and smell great!

The sausages have an impressive 60% meat content, complemented by the addition of delightful fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. Each bite is filled with irresistible goodness, specially curated to cater to their cravings (or so they say!)

What's truly special about these sausages is the way they are prepared. They are gently air-dried, ensuring that all the natural nutrients and flavors are retained, resulting in an aromatic and succulent sausage that will leave dogs drooling for more.

Edens uses a bespoke drying system that takes its time to carefully remove moisture from the raw ingredients, creating a pliable texture that can be easily broken into smaller pieces, perfect for those tiny mouths.

For a balanced diet, you can simply feed one large sausage daily. And for a smaller snack, they can easily slice the sausages into bite-sized pieces. You will love seeing the joy in their dog's eyes as they relish every single bite.

So, why wait? Treat dogs to the finest flavors and let them experience the pure joy that comes with Edens Succulent Venison, Aniseed & Blackberry Sausages. 


  • 5 Sausages in each bag
  • Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks


Composition: Venison 60%, sweet potato, vegetable glycerol, potato, aniseed 5%, blackberry 1%
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 20.1%
, Crude Fat 10.5%
, Crude Fibre 1.8%
, Crude Ash 3.2%
, Moisture 23.4%

Eden Holistic Pet Foods have been created and developed with nutritionists and in accordance to FEDIAF standards to achieve the optimal ratio of meat and fish to fruits, vegetables, herbs, minerals and botanicals, thus creating a nutritionally balanced natural pet food whilst being totally tantalising.

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